Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pump pump pump it up!

In February, I took my first ever yoga class at the Ocean City Community Center.  And since then, I've been going about once every two weeks (I know, I know, that's not very consistent..).

In the beginning I went much more frequently, but I quickly learned that the class and what you get our of it truly depends on your instructor.  And unfortunately, I only really enjoy the classes taught by one of the instructors at the gym - she teaches on Wednesday at 5pm (never make in home in time) and Saturday mornings (I go when we are actually home for the weekend).

One Wednesday, however, I worked from home and was able to make it to the Wednesday night yoga.  When it was over, people came pouring in for the next class, kickboxing, and I thought "what the hell I'll stay for this one too!" 

Side note: I've been trying to find a boxing club (with open hours) in Ocean City ever since we moved here to no avail.  I fell in love with boxing when I lived in New York City and spent 4-5 mornings a week before work getting my ass kicked at Trinity Boxing Club - one of the oldest boxing clubs in New York.  Membership was crazy expensive (in my opinion), but I won two free months for being the most improved in the club's Bootcamp and was hooked.  (Tyra Banks and Mark Consuelos are both regulars!).  For anyone looking to get in / back into shape in NYC, I HIGHLY recommend both boxing and the bootcamp...

Green Beret Eddie Lima yelling his head off...

the infamous boxing ring

But anyways, I fell in love with this (cardio) kickboxing class!  And not because it brought be back to my guts and grime days at Trinity...but because this lady's playlist had me rocking out (and working out) so hard that I think for I moment I though I was actually out dancing in a Las Vegas night club (a la summer 2011!)!  This completely shocked me (and Nate when I told him slash when he spied on me at the class last night), because I'm not typically one to enjoy the dance your heart out girly girl kind of work out (she sometimes adds a little step or Zumba, which to me is hysterical, depending on the class size)!  I prefer hitting things, and getting yelled at, and competing against the person working out next to me!  But I left this class all smiles (hello endorphins) and sweat!

This got me thinking though...that I never really paid much attention to my "workout playlist" before.  If I'm heading on a long run, I usually just put my iphone on shuffle and skip the songs that are too slow.  Or sometimes it's just a Taylor Swift or Kenny Chesney kind of day!  But I really think if I had some catchy dance / house music to listen (and sing along to), my workouts might seem a bit less dressed and a lot more fun!

So, I'm looking for some recommendations to build the perfect workout playlist.  And since I know NOTHING about music (and can't even begin to guess the names / artists of the songs she plays in the class), I'm turning to you, my friends, to help!! 

What song pumps you up when you're working out?!  I would appreciate any and all recommendations!


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  1. "Call me maybe" by carly rae jepsen. So juvenile but so great! Also - Starship by nicki minaj has a great running beat to it!