Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can I Keep You?

Last night, I decided I needed a night to be a complete and utter bum. 

(Did I mention I am still recovering from the weekend of Easter festivities?!)

So I came home from work (a little early) and promptly got in bed for a night of tv (and dinner in bed)!  :)

Of course, nothing good / new was on tv...  But after a series of flips through every channel imaginable trying to find something to entertain me, I struck gold!

CASPER, the 1995 hit-movie about the ghost of a boy who is "the friendliest ghost you know" (starring Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa) was on ABC Family.  Oh how it made me reminisce about my childhood, how it brought back those tingly teenage feelings of my first movie star crush!  Devon heart throb you!

I started watching, much to Nate's dismay (he called it a Halloween movie - 'tis not!), but promised we could turn it off as soon as we got to the infamous slow dance scene...  About an hour and 45 minutes later, I remembered it was the last scene of the movie...  Oops!

It was totally worth it.  

Unfortunately this clip leaves of the big kiss scene, and my favorite part when Casper turns back to a ghost and casually says "Boo!" and everyone runs out screaming! They don't make 'em like this anymore, kids!

What movies remind you of your childhood?  Little Giants anyone?  Now & Then? 

And who were your movie star crushes?!  I also lovvvvved JTT, but who didn't?! 

Who used to buy Bop and Tiger Beat magazines?! 

And yes, Casper (12 years old in the movie) / Devon Sawa (~16 years old when he made the movie), you can keep me any day! Great line, great line...

P.S. What Devon Sawa looks like now!


  1. hahahahaa i love this post. I was going to comment that I can't believe you left out JTT (but then of course, you included him). LOVE YOU!

    1. i could never forget our one true love JTT! Remember when I would get mad at Ashley for saying she liked them too, just because i did? I didn't want any more competition! :)

  2. Oh my goodness..I have a memory of Alanna McManus and I rewinding and rewinding the ending scene of Little Giants when Devon Sawa did some sort of slide touchdown. I had a thing for the middle part, what can I say? Love your blog! :)

    1. That is too funny! I think our GNA class used to rewind and press pause on the Now & Then skinny dipping scene - you know, when the boys try to get their clothes back! I swear you could see Devon Sawa's somethin somethin!

      Thanks for reading! I love yours too! Your son is adorable!! xoxo

  3. This post is so ironic for me! Just yesterday I was flipping channels and some movie from 2010 was just starting. As I read the synopsis on my TV I was stunned to read Devon Sawa's name! I got sucked into watching this really bad movie just because Devon was in it! The even funnier part was I said to Dan "Devon Sawa is in this! You remember him? He was like JTT but not as hot." hahahaha too funny! I love love love this movie, by the way. And Now and Then is my all time favorite! It gives me nostalgia every time. Great post!