Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Craft of the Week: Lilly Pulitzer Bangle Bracelets

This past weekend, my sister and I crafted, not exactly together, but together from afar.  It's the best we could do when we're in need of a craft fix and can't get together!!

Anyways, I had seen an idea for mod podge bangle bracelets on Pinterest and knew right away we could use our (dwindling) stash of Lilly Pulitzer cocktail napkins to make our own!  You know how much I love a good mod podge craft...(here) and (here)...and any accessory with a great Lilly print!

For mine, I used a tan acrylic bangle that I had laying around from an URBN sample sale (basically for free) since I wasn't exactly sure how it'd turn out...and was feeling a bit lazy with all the Sunday rain.  Em went to JoAnns and bought a silver bangle for $4.  And I think that is the way to go - while mine turned out great, I love how hers has a shine to it from the underlying metal, and I think the darker surface made her napkin colors look even brighter!!

(Emily's bracelet is featured above; mine is below using leftover Floaters print napkins from Kathryn's bridal shower).

So yes, I will be heading to JoAnns and my local Lilly store (for my napkins, of course!) this weekend because I'm dying to make more!  I think I have a few girlfriends who I would like one of these beauties!

Supplies Needed:
  • Bangle bracelet
  • Lilly Pulizter cocktail napkin (only need 1 in your favorite print!)
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors 

1. Napkins typically have two (or three) layers - one with the print/color, and one (or two) white layers for added absorbency.  For this craft, you only need the printed layer so the first step is carefully to peel apart the napkin. 

2. Cut the napkin into into 3/4" x 3" strips. 

3. Once you have about 10-12 pieces ready, paint a section of your bracelet with mod podge using your foam brush.  Then carefully place the napkin on top of the glue at a diagonal - this helps prevent folds and bubbles in the napkin as it dries to the curve of the bracelet.  Fold ends inside and cut. 
As you repeat, remember you want as little overlap as possible, as even the smallest overlap will be amplified in color once you add your glue.
4. I glued the napkin strips onto about 80% of the bracelet and then applied a top layer of mod podge. Then, I let it completely dry before doing the remaining section.


  1. Great post!!! I have lots of napkins left.. So can give you some of mine in the new print:) let's craft again soon... Maybe coasters this time???!:)

    1. I would love some of your new napkins! What print did you buy? And I still want you to make me one of your fruit print bangles!! Coasters sound great...or the canvases!! Let's order some more fabric! xoxo

  2. you two better be careful or I will start putting you to work! Great project ladies!

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