Thursday, April 5, 2012

Secret to Soft Skin?

I have a friend who has some serious soft skin. 

Her arms are smoother than a baby's bottom and her legs have this sexy sheen about them that makes it look as if she just got off the beach and had the most fabulous wax. (I'm not sure if fabulous and leg wax should really go together, because I'd imagine that'd hurt like hell, but I swear thats what it looks like!)

So when I saw her a few weeks ago (and had my usual "my skin feels like snake scales compared to yours" reaction), I finally had to ask what her secret was. 

Her answer?

Baby Oil.

My friend liberally applies baby oil to her damp bod, post-shower, right before she towlel dries, every day and has since she was a junior in high school.  Seriously, that's it?!  Talk about a routine thats working for ya!  And budget friendly!

So at my next visit to the drugstore, I ventured over to the baby aisle and picked up a small bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil.  I was shocked to see that the directions were exactly as she had described.

Use daily to help seal in moisture and to help prevent chafing. For best results, apply while skin is still damp from shower or bath for superior moisturization. Use daily to help skin stay soft and smooth.

I threw it in my cart and thought, what the hell, can't hurt to try! 

So it's been 2 weeks now since I added the baby oil to my shower routine, and I can honestly say I already feel the difference!  I don't feel at all "oily" and my skin is soft and glowing!  (Doesn't hurt that I think I smell pretty great too!)  Definitely something I'll keep up, especially as shorts / dress season is almost upon us!

(Warning: Nate has noticed that the shower is extra slippery be careful!)

Do you have any skin-so-soft beauty secrets to share?!

P.S. I have always looooved Johnson's Baby Lotion for quick dry skin fixes - it feels like butter when you put it on, and it's not offensively fragrant.  I keep a bottle in just about every purse / desk / cabinet!