Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Disappearing Act

Why hello long lost friends!  I can't believe its been over a month since my last blog post! 

First, my apologies for the unexpected sabbatical!  I honestly thought that when I stopped working (did I mention that?!  My last day at URBN was August 30th!  I'm officially a stay-at-home mom-to-be!), I'd have all this extra time to update my site, create new / interesting posts for you guys, go to the beach, take naps...

But honestly, I have never been so busy before in my entire life!!!

Between helping Nate finish the new house, moving out / selling the old house, planning our open house shower / housewarming party AND getting ready for our baby boy...let's just say life is pure craziness right now!!! Pure, amazingly awesome, over-the-moon happy craziness!!  :)

On top of all that, I don't have my own computer / laptop anymore!  I actually loved and embraced the new found freedom from technology I felt after handing in my work laptop, but it definitely has made blogging every day rather challenging...!    

So today, I finally decided to hijack Nate's macbook and am attempting to write my first of what I hope to be regular posts again.  Just don't expect too many pretty pictures right now - I'm a tried and true PC girl and feel like an old lady trying to figure out all these new icons! Help!!

But anywaysssss, we are all moved into (but definitely not all unpacked) the new house!!!!! And it is, without a shadow of a doubt, better than I ever imagined!!  As I sit here typing on the butcher block counter-top island in our gorgeous new kitchen, looking out through our 16' sliding doors to the open bay, I can't help but feel overwhelmingly blessed.  I am so excited for all of our friends and family to see the amazing house Nate built for us (yes, just like in the Notebook - "I want a gray house, with white balconies") this weekend, and afterwards I promise to post pictures for those of you not able to be here in person.  Until then, we'll be working on knocking off a few more items on our  massive house to-do list!

Equally as important (to our wallet, anyways) - after 9 months of no activity / no offers on our old house on Pleasure Ave., we got 3 offers in one week (when it rains it pours, right?!) and finally SOLD our house!!  Moving out of Pleasure Ave. was as much work as moving into the new house (especially because we did both ourselves...with a few hours of help with furniture from one of Nate's kindest of friends), but now that its all over with, it was completely worth it.  We said goodbye with fond memories but no absolutely reservations.  It was a great first house!

And finally, according to my doctors and a surprise trip to the hospital on Sunday night, Baby Torok could be here any day now!!!  We are 36 weeks and officially on baby watch people!  (Trust me, I am just as surprised as anyone! I was convinced this was a November baby - never did I imagine I'd be on an ice chip diet and talking about our pain management plan at the hospital 4 weeks early!)  Anyways, I am home now relaxing / preparing for baby - I felt like such an awful mom for not having anything packed for the baby clothes washed...we didn't even have our camera ready (!!) - hoping to make it through the weekend! But if he's ready, we're ready!  We can't wait to meet him! (Slash I really hope this was not a complete fake out and he does decide he wants to come out late!) But, stay tuned!

Like I said, it's been a crazy month!  And while I thought I'd have the nursery finished and all of our new furniture picked out / delivered before our housewarming party...such is life!  Building our house has been the most incredible journeys and we can't wait for Baby T to join us for the rest of the adventure!