Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our New House: Update #2

I've had a number of people asking for another house update.  So, here we go!!

I left off a week and a half ago that we were just about ready to "dig the footings" and pour the concrete for the garage foundation.  And I am happy to report that we have completed this first phase of construction: the foundation. 

Friday, March 30 & Monday, April 2
Nate and some of his Brazilian friends dug the hole (with shovels!) for our foundation and cut down the pilings with chain saws.

The garage will be where that square hole is on the right

Close up of the hole they dug

Wednesday, April 4th & Thursday, April 5
Next, they laid the block work....

Friday, April 6
The concrete was poured inside the blocks to set the foundation.

All done!

We are still waiting on our final building permit (should be here any day now)...and once we get that, we'll start framing up the house!  Which means, lots of "big change" pictures to come!

In the meantime, Nate is removing dirt today with a Bobcat (sounds like a messy job to me) and the welder is there fabricating some of the steel beams (to help ensure our house doesn't fall down in high winds)!

It's been a relatively swift process so far - I am amazed that we're already ready to "start framing" - although I am slowly learning that timelines in construction are more like rough estimates.  (A week from Monday could mean next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday).  I'm also a little surprised how long things seem to take with the Zoning & Construction offices - 3 weeks for a review?! 

However, in all honesty, we have been very lucky so far that we haven't encountered any major bumps or hiccups...and I 100% attribute to the fact that we have such a fantastic builder!  (Love you, Nay)

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