Wednesday, February 22, 2012


On Saturday, I took my first ever Yoga class.

To be honest (or tbh according to my little brother's facebook abbreviations), I really hadn't been that interested to try one out before.  It seemed boring.  And the "ohm-ing" quite silly!

I also tend to prefer activities where being loud is encouraged.  Boxing.  Bootcamps.  Soccer.  Triathlons.  Something to get out a little aggression.  Where I know I'll break a hard sweat...and push my body to its limits. 

But this past fall/winter, I've had less than little motivation to work out.  Period.  I guess this happens to everyone - we all go through phases - but I needed something to get me out of this funk!

So, I decided to try something new. 

The class was an hour and fifteen minutes long and quite full.  There was no "ohm-ing", but still plenty of laughing at myself.  And it did feel good to stretch, particularly after the extended period of lethargy I was coming out of.

But, I was absolutely terrible

(Not that this surprised me.  I'm athletic, but I am in no shape or form flexible).

However, I decided to go back on Sunday (with Nate, which was a fun experience on its own).  And Monday too.  And while I don't "drink the juice"  (yet) - what I refer to as the "breathe out all your toxins" mumbo jumbo - I am enjoying the process of learning the practice.  My competitive side hates being the worst in the class, so I'm determined to keep at it for a bit to see my improvements.  Plus, the ladies in the class are beyond buff; there must be some truth behind it all then, right?!

I'm curious to hear how you were introduced to yoga.  And what you like about it. Are there any variations you recommend trying?  Did you have the same reservations as I did about trying?

P.S. I'll let you know when I buy my own mat...

(Image via Urban Bliss Yoga)


  1. Oh oh - BUY your own mat! Think of all those germs from other people using and sweating on the public ones. Go to Target or Sports Authority and pick up a cheap one. Better for your skin, for real.
    I started about a year ago and just love it. I try to find classes that focus not just on flexibility but strength too!

    1. haha I just realized I must sound like the biggest cheapo...or just plain gross (I swear I wipe them down before and after)! But my own mat will be my "reward" for sticking with it. Proof that I'm actually going to keep this up! :)

  2. Still laughing at my performance on Saturday. I have to say that I do have an urge to get better in order to do a handstand!!
    But I heard Bikram Yoga is popular among "exert-aholics, ex-jocks, and others who don't think they've worked out unless they leave a puddle" aka ME! haha Not sure where they practice that around here!

    1. Kel - I've heard that too! My dad is hooked on it at the NAC. Unfortunately, OCCC doesn't offer any hot yoga classes...! Maybe once I'm a true yogi, we'll find a new studio! haha

  3. I LOVE yoga! I used to go 2-3x/week and was quite possibly in the best shape of my life. It will make you stronger than you think. Def try hot yoga. I did regular 2x/weel and hot yoga 1x/week. It's intense and you feel awesome afterwards.

  4. yoga is all about you - listening to your own body. That's what I love about it! It's not about being the best or worst in the class. it's about watching yourself grow! LOVE yoga! you should try hot yoga - AMAZING!!