Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Craft of the Week: Valentine's Day series #3

A few months ago, I "pinned" (on Pinterest) a white canvas board with a lovely little quote in white block letters. 

Pinned Image

How sweet, right?  I definitely could make that, I thought.  I love the idea of turning quotes into artwork for your house!!

So I "clicked through" to find the originating site and was linked to Not on the High Street, a handmade goods site similar to Etsy.  That's when my mind was blown.  This little thing was selling for a whopping 195 pounds!!  Pounds!!!?  That's $307!!!!!  Plus shipping!


So, today's Valentine's Day craft is a DIY version of this overpriced wall art, for 1/10th the cost and all the loveliness!  And, you pick your quote!

Supplies Needed:
  • Canvas - I purchased a 12"x12" board from A.C. Moore on sale for $10
  • Wood Letters - I actually tried a few craft stores before finding the right size and availability of letters (I liked these 1" letters because it reminded me of my all caps)
  • Tacky Glue
  • Foam Brush
  • White Spray Paint

1. Spray paint the front of your letters.  (oops - looks like we're going to have a few white rocks, too)

Can you guess what my quote is?  I originally wanted "I have always known it was you" but they were sold out of H's!

2. To avoid your letters sticking to the paper, make sure you move them around gently before they dry completely....or use wax paper!

3. When your letters are completely dry, repeat steps 1-2 to spray paint the back of your letters.  Use a new piece of newspaper / wax paper!

4. Not it's time to arrange the letters on you board.  Using a 12" board, 1" letters, and 5 rows, the math was pretty easy.

6.  Next, I used a foam brush to paint tacky glue on the back of each letter before gently pressing on the canvas.  I started with the first letter of each row, 1" apart.   Then I placed my ruler in between each line of the quote and spaced the center of the letters 1" apart. 

7. Spray paint your entire board and set out to dry.  Be careful not to use too much paint - you do not want to get pools!!  A light coat is fine!  (Sorry no pictures of this was dark outside by the time I got to this step!)

Final product (sitting on my shelf at work!):


  1. Such a brilliant idea! SO cute and would make a lovely present to someone else, or to yourself!

  2. wow really good feel.