Friday, February 10, 2012

Font Snobs

This made me laugh!

If you're like me and don't have the most artisitc handwriting--I write small, in all caps and people say it looks like typewriter font--then you know how important a good font selection is (especially for crafting).  I am constantly trying to find a pitch perfect font + interesting card stock to spruce up an ordinary type and print job.

Unfortunately, I'm a PC user...not a my access to fonts beyond the Comic Sans and Papyrus' of the world is somewhat very much limited.  (You mac users can thank Steve Jobs and his love of calligraphy and type face for this).

Lucky for me all of us, The Handmade Home is featuring 25 fun fonts for font snobs today...and guess what, they're all free! 

I think abermale swash would have been pretty on our wedding menus...and matilde is so light and sweet!

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Which one is your fave??

(Photos via The Handmade Home)

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