Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY Bride: Our Wedding!

As I mentioned, I did a number of DIY projects for our wedding in August and I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of the little details!  But first, a little bit about my inspiration....

I don't know when or where I decided I wanted Tiffany blue bridesmaid dresses, but once I did, the romance of Tiffany's became the center of my mood board (metaphorically speaking, as I did not actually create a true mood board).  I loved how well blue played off the white, from the white lace trim on the neckline of the bridesmaid dresses to my white wedding dress, and knew I'd keep it simple and classic with the flowers (calla lillies) and jewelry (pearls).

As we got further into planning, and I became more and more hooked on reading wedding blogs (brides-to-be I highly recommend adding Snippet & Ink and Style Me Pretty to your blogroll), I came across a "black tie inspired" post that really caught my eye.  Black invitations, bow ties and cummerbunds...I started to swoon over classic men's formal attire. 

The other element, wine, came into play as I started to think about a creative way to do our place cards and table numbers.  I wanted something different, and something that a guest could take home with them.  And wine, well, is my favorite thing right next to chocolate, the beach and sleeping in!

The Bridal Party
OK, so I admit, nothing DIY here.  But just wanted to start off by showing you how my two biggest inspirations, the bridesmaid dresses and men's formal attire, came together.  Aren't the a gorgeous bunch?!

The Menu
Our menu was pretty unique, featuring 5 live stations of food from around the world, and I wanted to make sure each guest knew what they were having for dinner.  So, me, my paper cutter and a glue stick became mighty close friends!  I was so happy with how they turned out...so much so, that I wish I had made my own invitations!

Table Numbers
Since I had made custom wine bottle labels for our engagement party, I had to be a bit more creative this time around.  So, I decided to made tuxedo shirt cuffs for the wine bottles, complete with cuff links!

Place Cards
I have to give all the credit to my sister, Emily, for the idea for the place cards.  After showing her my table numbers, she came up with the brilliant idea to stand the place cards up in wine corks!  After we designed, printed and backed each of the place cards, she helped me with the tedious job of cutting down the 200 corks...!  (Thanks sister!!!)

Card Box
Instead of your traditional old card box, I bought a vintage wooden wine crate for guests to place their cards in to go alone with the wine theme.

Bow ties / Mustaches on a stick
The bow ties and mustaches on a stick were actually a huge hit at the wedding!  Had I known how much fun people were going to have with them, I would have made more...and probably would have made them a bit sturdier! 

(By the way, do you see the cake in the background?  This is an example of taking your inspiration a little too far...I absolutely hated our cake and the bakery who made it!!! :)  But that is a whole other story...)

Unfortunately (or fortunately, because I love this picture!), this is the best photo I have of our beautiful programs.  I made the programs cover with Tiffany blue card stock (same color as the menus and place cards) that I cut down to 8x11 and sent through the printer.  The pages of the program were made from a word document and glued to the inside of the cover. 

Are you planning a wedding?  What's your inspiration for your big day?  Are doing any little DIY projects?  I've love to hear about it or see some pictures!


  1. Hi! I just saw the picture of you and your bridesmaids in robes and I loved it. Where did you get those robes? They look so well-made, very different from the ones I found. Thank you for your help!