Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

I recently got an email (ok facebook message) from a dear old friend who has been following my blog.  (Thank you so much for reading, by the way! And for your email!)

Anyways, she's getting married (yay!) and was looking for some "don't break the bank" gift ideas (DIY or bought) to give her 10 bridesmaids in addition to their "big" present.  So, I thought I'd share some of my suggestions with all of you.

DIY Ideas
Idea #1 - Photo Coasters
A full tutorial is coming your way soon to teach you how to make these adorable photo coasters.  But the gist of it is: photos, tiles from Home Depot ($0.16 each), modge podge, and felt glides!  

Idea #2 - Paper Hearts
Remember the valentine's day gift I made yesterday?  Well how about using black and white photos of you and each bridesmaid for the hearts?  On the back, you could writing something like "this gift was made just for you using my favorite picture of us" and include the full photo(s).  The accent hearts could be your the color of your dresses with the bridesmaids name.

Idea #3 - Painted Wine/Champagne Glasses
Although I haven't made these (yet!), painted dress wine glasses look fairly easy even for an amateur painter like me!  Give each girl two wine glasses: one with their name/bridesmaid dress and one with your name/wedding dress.  The girls could drink out of them while you're getting ready the morning of your wedding!

Set of 8 Bridal Party Champagne Flutes
Photo credit: ArtsyAsh101 shop on Etsy
Added can make beer ones for the guys!

Set of 5 Pilsner Glasses
Photo credit: ArtsyAsh101 shop on Etsy

Idea #4 - Nice Bottle of Wine with a Custom Label
Everyone loves a good bottle of wine...and all you need to make your own wine bottle labels is powerpoint, full sheet shipping labels and a paper cutter!  Or, you can buy a design on Etsy and print them out on your own!  Could give this along with #2 or #3!

Bridal Party Gifts - Custom Wine Labels for each member of your Bridal Party
Photo credit: IDoArtsyWeddings shop on Etsy

Idea #5 - Artwork
Frame an enlarged photo (check out Michael's and AC Moore for their 50% off frame sales) or have a canvas made (there are groupons all the time) of a building / landscape from where you met or know each girl.  I know I would to have a picture of JMU's quad hanging in my house and I think that would make a great gift!  Write a cute message on the back of the frame with a sparkly gold pen so she'll always remember it was from you!

Photo credit: Zazzle

Gifts to Buy

Idea #6 - Monogrammed Button Down Shirts
A week before my wedding, I realized that I hadn't even thought about what I (or my bridesmaids) should wear the morning of the wedding while getting ready! Such an important part of the day!  So many pictures!! 

Luckily, my girls pulled through and we picked up matching silk robes! (And I loved all the pictures of us wearing them!)

But I would have loved to have given them something monogrammed or personalized to wear like these adorable button down shirts.  H&M, Old Navy, and Target all sell affordable basics...and you can look on Craigslist for a local seamstress who does monogramming!

Photo credit: The Southern Aisle
Photo credit: The Southern Aisle

Idea #7 - Garment / Tote Bags
My sister-in-law, Casey, gave her bridesmaids colorful garment bags with their names on them! 
Photo credit: PattyBzz shop on Etusy
Or you could do a pretty tote bag?

Custom Boat and Tote Bag
Photo credit: L.L.Bean

Idea #8 - Bridal Party Hanger
My other sister-in-law, Sara, gave me a personalized hanger that said Mrs. Torok as an engagement gift...and I have since given this gift to my engaged girlfriends! I think it would be equally as cute to give one to all the girls in your bridal party!    
Photo credit: Rockabuycreations shop on Etsy

Gag Gift Ideas
Idea #9 - Custom T-Shirts
Urban Outfitter's has a custom tee shop where you can design individual t-shirts to literally say anything!  You can use Urban graphic or upload your own.  Could be cute for a bachelorette party, too!

Custom Shoppe
Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Idea #10 - Decopaged Flasks
And because it never hurts to have a emergency flask in your purse! 

Custom Polaroid Photo Flask Vintage Black and White Polaroid on Grey Barn Wood Stainless Steel 8 oz or 6 oz Liquor Hip Flask
Photo credit: LiquidCourage shop on Etsy

What did you gift your bridal party?  I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. I love love love this Kaitlin!!! Thank you so much for posting it!!! I am so excited to have finally created this account too now so I can follow you!! These ideas are amazing. I love the idea of something monogrammed and I got the hanger with my future name on it and think it is an adorable idea to get them for the girls too! They are all so perfect I have no idea how I am going to choose. I will keep you posted on which gift I decide on. You are the best!!!

  2. These are so great!! I wish I would've asked YOU for ideas six months ago!! I did the monogrammed LL Bean beach bag with a beach towel and bikini. It was cute, but some of these others are cuter!!

  3. Amy - I am SO glad to hear you liked some of the ideas on this post! Definitely let me know what you decide to give your girls! :) Thanks so much again for reading!! xoxo

    Meg - I wish I had thought of some of these 6 months ago too! I love the beach bag, towel and suit idea - perfect for a beach wedding!! :)

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