Monday, January 16, 2012

What's Your "Return" Policy?

For Christmas, Nate surprised me with a sterling silver bracelet in my stocking that came in a perfect-shade-of-blue box. I was seriously impressed - when or where did he get such a fabulous idea to surprise his new little wife with jewelry?! (Slash oops, hope you liked your cigars and Olive Garden gift card...I thought stockings had a $20 and under limit?!)  Major points, Nate, major points!

I liked the bracelet, but I didn't love it...  And I found myself stuck in the age old moral delimma of "do I pretend I love it and wear it?" or "how do I break it to him that this really isn't my style?".

I have a sister who also seemed to find herself in such dilemma over a few gifts from her significant other.  My whole family have her a hard time about not giving her guy enough credit - he did great!  A Longchamp purse, a new Michael Kors watch - but they weren't the exact ones she had picked out!  She, however, seemed to have no problem admitting that she was going to exchange for the style she preferred.

I usually do not have this problem either - I'm a "here's the link to what I want" kind of girl.  And I usually don't like surprises (but I have to admit I loved this one!).  I prefer giving presents that way too - I'd much rather give someone exactly what they want rather than guessing! 

But it was a surprise gift from Nate and I felt too badly to tell him the truth...afterall, it was so thoughtful!  So, I decided to leave the bracelet out on my dresser for a few weeks to see if perhaps it would grow on me.  Maybe one day while I was getting ready I'd see it and be like "I have to wear this today!"  But, that didn't happen...

So, sure enough I found myself on Thursday asking Nate if we could head back to the jewelry store to exchange the bracelet for one that I really had my eye on.  His response, "Of course!  I'd much rather you exchange for something you'd actually wear." 

Was it really that simple?  Why had I felt so awkward, almost guilty, telling him the bracelet wasn't me?!

I'm curious, what is your "return policy?"  I'm not talking about the random gifts you receive from an aunt or in-law, I'm talking about those thoughtful presents or surprises from the important someone in your life.  Do you keep it and pretend you love it?  Or are you honest and ok with taking it back?

P.S.  I love my new bracelet!
P.P.S.  There's a matching necklace...!! (*hint hint*)


  1. No pretending! I'm all about the honesty policy!

    P.S. - I love, LOVE your new bracelet! I almost bought that for my MOH's!!

  2. From a man's point of view: My suggestion is to take it back. I would rather Aunt Ellen be happy with the gift, rather than leave it in the draw... that would be a waste of money. It's the thought that counts.

  3. Thanks for the positive reinforcement, Meg and Uncle Ray! :)