Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Will You be My Valentine?

I just looked at my calendar, and Valentine's Day is exactly one week away!  Crazy!  How is it already almost mid-February?!

Nate and I aren't really big into Valentine's day (although I admit, I do secretly dream of him one day surprising me with anything out of a movie...just like every other girl: rose petals scattered all over the floor/bed, whisking me off on a romantic weekend getaway, amazing jewelry, over the top flowers at my place of employment...hint hint).  But we definitely are card people - cards, and the thought behind them, are so special!

However, buying the perfect Valentine's day card is a task I usually dread - I'm either at the store a day too late and all they have left is "happy valentine's day, aunt" cards (who sends their aunts v-day cards, anyways?!  Don't get me wrong, I love my aunts...but don't need a made up holiday to show it! :) OR I can't find anything that doesn't scream out cheesy, commercial or juvenile!! 

This year, I'm a little more excited...as it's my first year shopping in the "husband" section...but I still don't thinks my experience is going to be any different! So, I've decided I'm doing my shopping online (which is my preferred method of shopping) and I spent some time mining the Internet to find some sweet options to share with all of you. 
Eskimo Kiss card

Martha Stewart Clip Art cards

Yarn Heart Bow card

XOXO card

 you're my lobster card
You're My Lobster card

Have you started looking for the perfect card for your Valentine?  Where do you typically buy yours?

P.S. These watercolor cards would be cute to give to your lovey throughout the day - one on his pillow, one in his car, etc.!  Brownie points because they are free! :)

P.P.S. Perhaps I'll send these cards to our family members...because I do miss and love them...

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