Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally, it's the weekend!

I've been super busy at work this week researching e-commerce and social media strategies and just had to share the above photo.  Totally made me laugh - how many of these do you guys use?

Anyways, enough about's 6pm on a Friday and time for weekend fun!  What are you doing?  We are going through warm weather withdrawal and plan to check out The Water Club at the Borgata (in Atlantic City) for the day!  I'm super excited to splash around in the pools, drink a fruity cocktail and maybe take a sauna!  I'm not so excited about putting on a bathing suit!  #DietStarts?

Anybody else dying to see this movie?!

Stay tuned on Monday for the final edition of the Craft of the Week Valentine's Day series!  Sorry it's coming to you a little late!  Like I said, works been busy!


How sweet is this message in a balloon?

How to stock your bar cart

And because I can't get enough...more inspiring quotes

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  1. Hope you have such a fun weekend!!!!! I can't wait to see the Vow!!!