Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monogram Love

Call it my recent name change (or maybe my love of all things prep), but I can't get enough of monograms lately! 


Ok I will stop now.  (I sorta feel like a little school girl doodling her first name with her crush's last name to see how well it sounds...except that this is my actual new name!)

But anyways, the sky is the limit on what you can add a name to (apparel, jewelry, home decor, etc.) and adding a touch of personalization turns an ordinary registry item into an amazingly thoughtful gift.  It requires a little extra thought and planning - likely not the type of thing you're buying the week of the shower/wedding/birthday - but that's exactly why I love it!  You know whoever was behind it was really trying to give you something that was made just for you.

Thanks to my dear friend, Pinterest, I've put together a pretty decent wish list of preppy monogrammed gifts in case you're ever in need an idea for me

I desperately want this gold ring (or the matching necklace by Jennifer her stuff...or both!)

Kraftshop: Monogrammed Ring

Jessica Zuener z10 Swirly 2 Initial Pendant

How amazing is this monogrammed floppy hat!?!?! (I think it would make an adorable bridal shower gift...perfect for the honeymoon!)

Via Pinterest

I love love love these leather flats!!

Sweet Pete Monogrammed Moccasins

I love stud earrings...and all the pretty colors (especially pink!)

Tootlebugs: Preppy Monogrammed Earrings

To-die-for monogrammed chairs (and gingham wallpaper...and floral curtains) - Ok, I'll just take the whole room!

Lilly Pulitzer

I think these matchboxes would make adorable wedding favors!  Or to put out at a cigar bar?

Monogrammed Goods: Matchbox

Now that's what I call a preppy dessert plate!

Pearls, Whiskey and Frat Boys

The perfect pillow for someone with a beach house!! Wink*

Zhush Nay Linen Throw Pillow

And of course, every girl needs cute stationary (this is so a gift mom would have loved to give...)

Kate Spade Monogram Note Card

What kind of personalized gifts have you given or received?  I'd love to hear some of your ideas!

P.S. A few other monogrammed ideas here!
P.P.S. Free printable custom monograms (for wedding invites, guest bags, menus, etc.) here!


  1. I was seriously obsessed with everything monogrammed at the end of HS/beginning of college and remain somewhat obsessed, still. I have monogrammed bath towels and pillow cases, as well as some jewelry. I love the matchbox idea!

  2. obsessed with this post! i have a lot of things in my cart!!

  3. wow


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