Monday, February 13, 2012

Craft of the Week: Valentine's Day Series #4

The idea for the fourth installment of our Valentine's Day craft series actually came from something my sister, Emily, saw on a blog. 

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We met.  We married.  We Live.

I've actually seen a lot DIY projects lately that use maps - a photo from a vacation/life event framed with a map as the matte, huge old maps as instant artwork, etc. - and thought the hearts in this one tied nicely with our V-day theme.

What I didn't realize is how tricky it would be to find good maps!

First, I tried the internet...but all of the free printable maps I found looked too much like an iphone / google map...not really the feel I was looking for.  (BTW if anyone knows of a great site to use I'd be forever grateful...and also a little annoyed that I couldn't find it myself!)

Then, I decided to hit up the public library to photocopy an atlas.  Of course, I totally forgot that you can't check out an I had to run home to get some pretty card stock.  Do you know how hard it is to find a color copier in a library?!!  Maddening! 

Anyways, there had to of been an easier way...definitely think I was off my game...but whatever, I have my maps!  (And I guess I know what I'll be looking for at the spring garage old atlas)

OK now that you've heard my sob story (I hope it doesn't deter you from trying this one out!)...onto the directions!

Supplies needed:
  • 3 maps of desired locations
  • Heart shape (to trace your hearts) - the cheapest thing I found was a box of heart shaped chocolates for $0.50 from CVS!
  • Frame(s) - I decided to use 3 4"x4" frames instead of one three-picture fame (see above), as they were on sale for $4 each!
  • Good handwriting (or computer) to make your labels
  • Card stock for your "matte" - I chose pink!
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Tacky Glue
  • Foam Brush

1. Trace and cut out hearts from your maps!  I decided to do these three:
We fell in love - New York City
We married - Philadelphia
We live - Ocean City, NJ

2. To add some color, I decided to make a pink "matte" to go behind each heart.  I did this by tracing the glass on pretty pink card stock.

3. With your glue stick, glue the hearts to the center of the card stock.  Pop into the frame.

4. I made labels with leftover card stock from this craft.  Using the foam brush, I lightly glued of my each labels to the bottom of the frames.  Alternatively, your labels can go inside the frame (as picture above).

5. Hang up your frames and admire your finished product!  Pretty cute, right?

we fell in love.  we married. we live.

And now, my friends, we've reached the end of our four part Valentine craft series! I love to know which one was your favorite!



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