Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our New House: Update #1

Welp, we officially started construction on the new house this week!  And as promised, I'm here to catalog the progress!

This picture was taken on closing day (March 9th) and will serve as our "before" picture.

We just bought ourselves one big pile of dirt!

The past two weeks have been spent finalizing our construction documents with our architect (and making some last minute changes, of course), and waiting for our final permit approvals from the city of Ocean City.  I picked up our permit on Monday and we broke ground first thing Tuesday morning! 

Day 1 - Tuesday, March 27
The surveyor came out and put stakes in the ground to mark where the pilings need to be driven.

I rushed home after work to go
check out the new stakes!

Day 2 - Wednesday, March 28
Coastal Marine came out and drove the first piling into the ground to test the soil.

Picture taken by Nate as he watched
the first one go in!

Day 3 - Thursday, March 29
Today, they drove the rest of the pilings into the ground!

Photo taken around 8am this morning...

Nate just sent me this picture

Tomorrow, we're "digging the footings" for the foundation.  Next week, we're "pouring concrete" (for the foundation).  And we' ll be "framing" a week from Monday!  (please excuse my fancy new building terms in quotes!)

Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait till the house warming party.

    1. Can't wait to have you down, Uncle Ray!

  2. Wow! I can’t wait to see your new house all built up! Congratulations in advance.