Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Did I mention I am going to be an aunt in two weeks? 

That's right, if you haven't yet heard, my brother (Justin) and his wife (Sara) are expecting their first little bundle of joy on or around March 23!  I am so unbelievable excited for them, for my dad (the first grandchild!) and for this beautiful little girl who is going to have 6 doting aunts (!!!) and 4 uncles!

Two weekends ago, we threw Sara and baby Emma a baby shower at the Water Works restaurant (and wedding venue) in Philadelphia.  If you've never been, I'd highly recommend!  Gorgeous views, great food and dangerously close to the Art Museum and boathouse row, two of the most iconic "attractions" in all of Philly.

Philadelphia Water Works

Now, I'm not typically a huge fan of gift opening at showers - it's dreadfully boring for guests and I literally break out in hives watching the honoree oooh and ahh over items she picked out on her registry in front of a room fill of people - but I think I have 100% changed my opinion for baby showers after this one.  The stuff is just so damn cute I honestly didn't want the presents portion of the party to end!! 

So much so, that I left with a list of great gift ideas for the upcoming (3) baby showers I have this spring that I wanted to share with ya'll!  (And don't worry - this list is the fun non-registry stuff only - I don't know the first thing about strollers or cribs or rectal thermometers!)

Designer baby clothes. I know some of you are probably scoffing right now thinking, why would I spend $100 on designer baby shoes when you could buy 5 at that price?  But the point is, you are going to spend a certain amount on a gift, right?  Well the shower is really the one time to give that person, not only the practical items, but also something they likely would not buy for themselves (or their baby).  Sure, they'll likely be saved for special occasions only...but I personally would be happier knowing my gift didn't go straight to the "play clothes" only file...  And trust me when I say these items will go in their "save forever" box!

Now if this is not the cutest thing you've ever seen...

(By the way, I have never seen so many designer baby duds than at Sara's shower - Emma got her first pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes, baby TOMS, a Juicy Couture track suit, Polo dresses and shirt, baby Uggs!  Emma is going to be the best dressed baby!)

Baby Clothes Line: A number of guests made these adorable baby clothes lines with an assortment of different outfits and sizes.  I thought this was a very fun way for Sara to "open" the outfits (vs. opening one outfit at a time) and display afterwards for everyone to see!

obviously not a picture from Sara's shower, but you get the idea...

Receiving / Stroller Blanket: Of the handmade kind, like this one made by my cousin's very talent fiance, Meggan!!

Or perhaps splurge this cashmere one from J. Crew...

J. Crew cashmere baby blanket

A gorgeous blanket will be forever treasured.  (And you never know which one will turn out to be the child's one true lovey!)

Designer Baby Bag: Sara's sister and mom gave her a beautiful Marc Jacobs diaper bag, and I immediately thought what a great group gift this would make from a bunch of your girl friends. Just because you need to retire your favorite purses doesn't mean you have to start carrying ugly printed Vera Bradley (don't get me wrong, love the weekenders...but wouldn't be caught dead carrying a purse/diaper bag...sorryimnotsorry)!

Marc Jacobs

Finally, here is what my sisters and I gave our sister-in-law and niece-to-be: At the last Lilly Warehouse sale in November, we each bought baby Emma a Lilly outfit - 2 shift dresses and 1 bathing suit - because if she's gonna be a Rowley girl, she's gotta love Lilly! 
Lilly printed bathing suit

baby Lilly shift with lace

Emily made (like actually sewed!) these adorable burp cloths and then we got them monogrammed!

And this is perhaps my favorite gift of all.  We gave Sara a gift certificate for a professional photography session by a photographer that will come to her home and shoot in the baby's actual nursery!  We chose Tina Jay Photography because she recently took pictures for Emily's boyfriend's sister's baby, Stella, (that was a mouthful!) and they were seriously the cutest photos I have ever seen.

case and point.

need i say more
Would love to hear if you have any great non-registry gift ideas!!  


  1. Fact: I bought that Marc Jacobs bag last year(but it's printed) with the sole intention of it someday being a diaper bag. in the meantime, it's a great carry-on. don't tell pat.

    1. Anna what a brilliant idea!!! And don't worry, your secret is safe with me!! :0

  2. Love that Stella made the blog! And love the ideas. So excited for my upcoming shower this Saturday. Hoping I'll get something designer for Tony, Jr. :-)

    1. I hope you have the most amazing baby shower on Saturday! I'm sure Tony Jr. is going to be verryyyyy well dressed!! :) xoxo

  3. Couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for reading my blog.

    Eve Armytage