Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ocean Treasures

There is a store on the Ocean City boardwalk that sells a variety of pretty (and not-so-pretty...) beach-inspired home decor items.  I think it's called Ocean Treasures?

But anyways, I drag Nate into the store just about every weekend when we're one of our infamous walks because I love to look at the adorable painted wood plaques with catchy little quotes on them.

I have no idea who makes these signs, but I did recently stumbled upon an online boutique that sells them called Patina.  So today I thought I'd bring one of my favorite weekend browsing experiences to ya'll virtually

Nate and I actually have one that says "the beach is where my heart is" hanging above our front door.  And I have a funny feeling I'll be making a few more purchases when we "re-do" our house this spring...(more on that next week!).

Which one's your fave?


  1. Love these! Can't wait to come down to take a walk on the board walk with you!!!