Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Magic Dress

At work, we call the Bailey 44 column dresses sold by Anthropologie every season "magic dresses".  They are super flattering no matter what your shape or size, and they are sooo soft and comfortable you'd think you're wearing a cozy t-shirt and not actually a dress! 

Although it's been recommended to me about 100 times and I've seen style after style on all my pretty coworkers, I only finally hopped on the bandwagon this season.  I ordered this dress:

Cap Sleeve Column Dress - $178

...and wore it for the first time yesterday.  All I can say is WOW!  The dress really does live up to its hype...even with the little baby bump I'm starting to grow!  The diagonal stripes are soooooo slimming! 

While the price tag is definitely more than I'd usually spend on an every day dress (and thank goodness for the 40% employee discount), I'd say this is pretty much the perfect dress for any season.  I wore it like the model above yesterday (ok, i wish!) and probably will all summer, but I envision pairing with some brown boots and a long cardi this fall / winter...

Anyways, they are usually best sellers, so if you're interested I'd recommend heading to your nearest Anthro or ordering online sooner rather than later :)

Are you a fan of Bailey 44?  Or have any recent dress purchases you are raving about?!

P.S. If you're in between two sizes, I'd recommend ordering down!

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