Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Emily's a College Graduate!

On Saturday, my baby sister, Emily, graduated from college!  FROM COLLEGE! 

(Man, I feel old!)

And I was equally as impressed with her degree in Accounting as I was with her beautifully decorated graduation cap (above)!!  I mean, who else could transform a royal blue cap and gown into her own Lilly Pulitzer-inspired masterpiece?!  Only Emily!

I'm curious, did you decorate your cap when you graduated?  It made it so easy to spot her in the sea of royal blue graduates on her big day!  I think she should frame it next to her diploma as a memento!

P.S. One of Emily's roommate's also hand painted the flowers on a thank you sign that they hung on their house.  These sorority girls are quite creative, don't ya think?!

P.P.S. And a photo of my adorable niece, Emma (wearing her first Lilly dress!) just because she's so cute...

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