Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Reading

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I am in dire need of some summer reading recommendations! 

Audible and I are going through a dry spell, and with my pregnancy insomnia in full force and the Olympics halfway over...I am getting concerned!

I've read the Hunger Games series (obsessed, obvi), Bossypants (Tina Fey you crack me up!), Secret Life of Bees (enjoyable), the Twilight series (need I say more), The Help (love love love), The American Wife (a surprisingly steamy read),  Unbroken (highly recommend if you have Olympic fever and enjoy WWI stories), Day of Infamy (a WWII history lesson - I was on a kick), Steve Jobs (simply wow), the Sex & the City books (meh) and Jack Kennedy all within the past year!  (Not to mention the countless baby / pregnancy related books that I've plowed through...)

What other best sellers am I missing?! 

And please do not say 50 Shades of Gray - no interest!

P.S. A Cup of Jo totally stole my blogpost today! 


  1. I recently read "Before I Fall" and it was very moving. A quick, easy read!

  2. I just finished "Gone Girl" and found it to be a really good read...a little dark but well written and it keeps you guessing! I'm reading another book by the same author "Dark Places" and it's also good. The Last Child by John Hart is good, but again...a little dark...I swear I do read things where the story doesn't revolve around murder cases. And anything by Jodi Picoult I usually like..my favorite was Plain Truth (way better than the god awful Lifetime movie they made from it.)

  3. Thank you both SO much for the recommendations! Now off to audible to see which ones are available to listen to!

  4. I read Private Games by James Patterson which is set around the London Olympics. They have it in the OC Library as a Play Away. Also Guilty Wives by James Patterson was quick enjoyable read.

  5. Also, if you ever worked in the restaurant business, The Blue Bistro by Elin Hinderbrand is entertaining. I hear her other books are engaging beach reads as well.