Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recipe: Grilled Caesar Salad

One night last summer I went out to dinner with two of my former college roommates at a yummy little BYOB in Philadelphia.  We ordered a grilled caesar salad to share as an appetizer expecting your typical caesar - lettuce, croutons, paramesan cheese, grilled chicken - ya know, nothing unusual.  But when it arrived we all realized that the word chicken hadn't actually listed on the menu and we were literally being served a grilled salad.

The lettuce was warm and soft yet still a little crunchy, with that summery hunt of chargrille.  And it was delicious!  Caesar salads haven't been the same for me since!

Since Nate and I frequently recreate the recipe at home (its a new household favorite!), I thought I'd pass it along in case you're looking for something new to throw on the barbeque!

  • 1 head of Romain Lettuce
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Caesar dressing - I highly recommend an oil based dressing like Ken's Steak House Lite Caesar

1. Cut the head of lettuce in half, as pictured above, being sure not to cut the core.

2. Liberally pour salad dressing on both halves of the lettuce and let marinate (the longer the better).

3. Cook on grill on medium-high heat flat-side down for 3-5 minutes.

4. Although I love the burnt taste, I usually pull off the really burnt pieces from the leafy end.  Then I add more dressing and sprinkle with parmeasean cheese!  One head of lettuce makes enough for 4 people but Nate and I usually finish one just ourselves!


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