Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite blogger's hosted a surprise giveaway on her blog in honor of her birthday! 

There was no liking, tweeting, following or reposting to enter - you simply had to leave a comment with your favorite color and email address and wait to find out what and if you had won.

Obviously, I entered.  Who doesn't love a free giveaway?!  And it was so much fun to see how many other people blindly entered the contest without even knowing what the prize was that they were vying for! 

But to say I was shocked when the winner was revealed is an absolute understatement. 

First, because it was me (I won! I won!), which is just plain exciting and shocking in itself.  I never win anything! 

And more importantly because I found out that I actually was a part of something SOOO much bigger that just a free giveaway.  So much so that I actually felt guilty for being the winner...or perhaps the word I'm looking for is unworthy?

MK's blog giveaway was part of her big "Surprise Birthday Project" where she set out to do 28 random acts of kindness for the 28 years of her life she has lived thus far.   She sent letters, gave flowers, left inspirational notes and quotes, made baked goods...among some other adorably heart warming ideas like this letter to her nephew explaining what an act of kindness is:

And this bag of 28 "free wishes" she left waiting at a fountain:

I was so touched, so moved reading each and every one of the gestures she performed to celebrate her birthday...including the fact that she wanted to do something nice for one of her loyal blog readers, just because!  I had literally just celebrated my own birthday by eating chocolate chip cookies (guilt free, I might add) and treating myself to a work from home day...and here was someone who made "her" day not about herself, but about others.  Really amazing if you ask me!

My pink and turquoise (yes, I couldn't decide between two favorite colors) care package arrived over the weekend and just as she intended, it really made my day!  And while I still have not decided what big thing I should do to pay it forward, I have to say that MK's post inspired me to be, well, just a little bit more thoughtful with the little things. 

And perhaps start a new tradition for Torok family birthdays?  :)

Imagine what our world we be like if we all added a few more acts of kindess to our every day?

P.S. Pop on over to MK in Wonderland to read the full post!  It'll definitely warm your heart on this hot summer day!


  1. Love this maybe this is how I will celebrate my birthday this year!!