Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Celebrating One Amazing Year

How did we celebrate?

We worked at our new house!  Nate taught me how to spackle, tape and sand (his closet)!

31 weeks pregnant and hard at work!

My masterpiece!

We exchanged cards...and presents!  Nate spoiled me with another ring that came in a tiny blue box!  I surprised him with a highly anticipated new tool for our new house / lawn (that came in a very LARGE box)!  And we both enjoyed our first experience shopping in the "Anniversary Card" section of the drug store.

We went out to dinner at Dock's Oyster House (in Atlantic City), the place Nate took me on the night we got engaged! 

We had a our NEW house!

Our campsite all set excited!

Morning after...our bed was quite deflated!
And we relaxed on the beach!


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