Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On Pregnancy And...

This week, we officially entered the third and final trimester of our pregnancy!  I cannot believe it!  When I think back to that life changing day in February, it seems so long ago...  Yet I feel like our pregnancy is flying by!  We'll be meeting our little boy for the first time in just a few short months!  EEEEEE!!!!

When I finally shared our big news with the blog-o-sphere, I really wasn't sure how much I'd write about our 9 months waiting for baby.  Since then, I shared the story about how we found out, our decision to find out the gender of our baby (here and here), the party we threw the celebrate, and the big announcement that we are (to apparently no ones surprise) expecting a baby BOY

I have, however, neglected to share the more personal details of our experience, equally because I am naturally a private person at heart (despite having a very public blog) and I have been, well, extremely busy this summer with work, building the new house and getting ready for baby!!  Not to mention, I am no expert here - this is baby #1 on board!

But this has truly been one of the most amazing and life altering experiences of my life.  I honestly LOVE being pregnant and I realized I should be writing about it!  Not only for myself, but for for any readers out there going through / will go through some of the ups, downs and everything in between in their own pregnancy! 

So, I'd like kick off a little series I'd like to call "On Pregnancy And..." where we'll talk about some pregnancy related topics like: gaining weight (something I really struggled with mentally), finding maternity clothes (harder than you think!), great reads / resources, designing a nursery (, pregnancy journals (some cute ideas ahead!), baby bumps (when exactly do you get one?!), feeling those first kicks (indescribable), and more!

I'll hope you'll tune in and share some of your stories, as well!


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