Friday, June 1, 2012

Gender Reveal PARTY!

If you guessed that we are finding out the gender in just a few short were spot on!  :)

Like I said, I've always wanted to know beforehand.  I'm a planner.  I want the "right" stuff (can you believe I haven't bought a thing yet for Baby T?  My poor credit card is in for it these next few months..).  And as a few of my dear commenters said so perfectly: finding out earlier does not make it any less of a surprise, it just makes it an earlier surprise!  (Thanks Casey & Uncle Ray!)  Something a control freak like me appreciates - more time!

Buttttttttttt, when Nate and I discussed this when we first started trying for a baby, he held the exact opposite view on the subject....  (Insert sad / horrified / disbelief face here!)  So, I really didn't know what we'd end up doing since the decision isn't/wasn't/couldn't be 100% mine.  (Believe it or not kids, this baby is half his!!!  haha)

Then, about a week or so after we found out the most amazing news, Nate and I were at the drug store buying god knows what toiletry item and all of a sudden he is trying to convince me to buy a $50 gender prediction test!  (If you're wondering, we did NOT buy said test.  What bologny!)  He suddenly could not wait to know whether or not we were having a little girl or a little boy, and from that day we've both been counting down the days to my 20 week ultrasound! 

Anddddddd for the gender reveal party we decided throw that night to celebrate! :)

(Isn't it crazy cool that you can throw a party for finding out the gender of your baby?!  Any excuse for cake, right?!)

Diaper Invitation
Etsy: KardsbyKaylee

And yes, I did send out handmade diaper invitations for a party that will be attended just by mine and Nate's immediate family members!  I know, completely not necessary...but c'mon, so freaking cute! 

What do you think, boy or girl? :)

Of course, more party planning details to come! xoxo


  1. I'm guessing girl! I love those invites.. very cute!

  2. where can i buy these invitations im throwing a gender reveal for my daughter