Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two months, two loves and two pictures...

James' crazy hair 2 Month Photo

I cannot believe my baby is already 2 months old.  TWO MONTHS OLD!!!

Everyone tells you how quickly they grow, but never in my life did I envision it went this fast! 

I mean, James is already nearly double his size in weight than he was when he was born, he's drinking 5x the amount at each feeding, and he's so long (tall?) I think he may put holes through all of his footie pajamas!! 

Although I'm definitely from the school of thought that wishes they would stay this little (and precious) forever, it is truly incredible to literally watch this human being grow before my very eyes.  Every day his eyes open just a little bit wider, and as he begins to see more of the fascinating world going on around him, I myself have begun to see things from an entirely new perspective. 

Each smile, each coo leaves me wondering...even dreaming...about James' future.  And as much as I want to know what his voice will sound like, what his interests will be, what he'll be when he grows up...I've never been so happy to just enjoy the present! 

Motherhood has truly been the most defining and life changing experience of my has given me a whole new appreciation for my own mom and dad...and I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful partner to share it with.  Two months ago I fell in love with not one but two little boys - my son and husband, who overnight turned in to the most wonderful daddy.

When I fall in will be forever...

I am the luckiest <3


  1. You just made me cry! That was so nice :)

    I love your boys too... They are the best!! <3

    And you are the best mommy in the world - you definitely got that from the donny bear<3

  2. Wow your baby looks very cute. I just love his "crazy hair"... fabulous pictures.....:)) love it.... <3 <3